Is Outsourcing Web Services Right For Your Company?

Has the content on your web site become stale?
Are you familiar with the latest Search Engine Optimization parameters?
Does your web site look and function like something from the 90's?
Are you effectively speaking to your target audience via social and electronic forms of communication?
Do you lack the resources required to make ongoing graphical changes to your electronic media?


Only 13% of respondents said they have made meaningful content updates to their web site in the past twelve months.


More than 94% of respondents said they are not currently aware of how to optimize their web site for search engines.


More than 78% of respondents said it has been three years since they have made changes to their web design.


Only 12% of respondents are actively engaging in social media campaigns for at least the next six months.

Why Birchbrook Group?

We deliver what matters most to your business - higher revenue, lower costs and measured ROI.

Our Expertise

Our team of professionals makes up "the best of the best" across product lines for unparalleled value for our customers.

Our Dedication

There is no gray area regarding business integrity and producing results that exceed our client’s expectations.

Who We Are?

Birchbrook Group is made up of a dedicated team of consultants that collectively have more than 120 years of practical business experience.
We love working with our clients and tackling the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Our Services

We don't claim to be experts in everything, but we are experts in the services we offer.

Strategic Business Consulting

Birchbrook Group's strategic business planning services help you establish the roadmap for your firm. Our experts will provide you with the tools and direction you need by facilitating focused planning meetings that will result in a comprehensive, straight-forward plan for the future-one that includes a unifying long-term vision for what the company will look like; shared philosophies on how to address key management issues; specific, measurable goals; detailed action plans; and effective communication mechanisms to ensure that the overall plan stays on track and becomes part of the firm's culture.

Our consultants can help your management team get past your toughest company issues so the firm can continue to evolve and tackle new challenges. We'll tackle critical strategic issues such as organizational structure, financial management and profitability, marketing, leadership and ownership transition, project management, firm-wide teamwork, and more.

Custom Development

Sometimes a company's needs simply are not met with existing software packages. While Birchbrook Group tries to steer customers towards using applications that have already been developed when possible, there are situations in which these tools do not fit the company's needs and a custom solution must be developed.

In these cases Birchbrook Group's team will work with customers develop a custom solution or application. From conception through deployment and maintenance we assist our clients with a variety of applications.

Web Solutions

Birchbrook Group helps clients by building websites that draw customers and keep them captivated until the moment they contact you or click to buy. And with search engine optimization, we can help make sure they find you from anywhere on the web.

Birchbrook Group offers a full range of Web design services:
- Web Site Design & Development
- Flash Design & Development
- Email Newsletters & Campaign Management
- Custom Web Applications
- Database Integration
- Search Engine Optimization

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